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Fat Sacks Bass Club Head-To-Head Fishing



Matchup Championship

  1. Last 4 tournaments (starting in May). If 8 or less teams sign up match ups will start in June.
  2. Entry fee $50 per boat
  3. Teams qualify based on Net AOY points after the 4th tournament. In the event of a tie the higher seed will be given to the team with the most accumulated weight weight.
  4. Top 16 teams will be invited to compete in a bracket style championship
  5. Immediately following the weigh in for the 4th tournament, each team must make a commitment on whether it will compete in the bracket championship if it qualifies
  6. If a team chooses not to pay entry fee and participate, the next team down in the AOY standings will have the option to participate
  7. Each tournament from June through September will feature the same type match-ups as the Exhibition 
  8. Heaviest sack of the match-up wins and advances to next round
  9. At the September tournament, the championship match-up will be held
  10. No alternates will be allowed to fish the match-up championship in September
  11. Payout will take place after the conclusion of the September tournament and will be based on the number of teams participating in the championship


The bracket for the Match-up Championship 

This year we will introduce a new head-to-head format in addition to the the traditional tournament format.  This is completely optional and the traditional tournament format will still be held as it always has.  The season will consist of two parts:  

1) Match-up Exhibition (first 4 tournaments excluding February)
2) Match-up Championship (last 3 tournaments)

Matchup Exhibition

  1. First 4 tournaments (excluding February)
  2. Entry fee $20 per boat
  3. Sign up for the next tournament will take place immediately following the weigh in for that day's tournament
  4. Total number of boats entered will be determined and matchup opponent will be randomly drawn and posted on the website prior to the tournament
  5. If there are an odd number of boats entered, the last 3 teams drawn will compete against each other
  6. Heaviest sack of the matchup wins pot of $40 (for 3 teams, $60)

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